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We have released a new update to karma that now automates status updates (both up and down). This is an opt-in feature that does not need to apply to all trip, and can be selected trip by trip. There is a new field on the Trip record that will need to be selected for Automatic Status Updates to be processed. These updates are done based on the payment schedule of a Booking record, and the Trip status.  

Booking states have been defined as follows:

Traveling States:

  • NEW JOINER - New Booking created with no transactions
  • ACTIVE - All payments are up-to-date
  • OVERDUE - 1 payment is listed as Missed
  • COMPLETED - All payments up-to-date, and Trip status equals Completed

Non-Traveling States:

  • PENDING - 2 or more payments are listed as Missed
  • DEFAULT - 3 or more payments are listed as Missed
  • CANCELLED - Set manually by staff users
  • WAITLIST - All payments up-to-date, and Trip status equals Waitlist
  • UNCONFIRMED *New Status* - Deposit payment is listed as Missed

Any status can be changed manually by a staff user, but will be updated accordingly when there is an update to their payment schedule. If you want to keep any passenger with the updated status, make sure to update their schedule so the next update will not revert them back.
Example: If a traveler has missed 1 payment, a user can change them to Active but unless the missed payment is resolved, they will be updated back to Overdue.

*Note: Organizers will no longer fall to Pending when that have missed more than 1 payment. They will stay on the Overdue state until manually changed.

Other bugs that have been solved:

  • When adding Suppliers to a Catalog record caused an error - This has been resolved, but you will still need to refresh your before before the relationship will be shown correctly.
  • Transactions not relating to Bookings when processed - This has been resolved, and should now update their Amount Paid / Current Due correctly with all applicable transactions.
  • Bookings charged Deposit again - This was caused by the schedule being Pushed when the trip was in an Active state. This has been resolved, and you can push the schedule in any trip state and it won’t charge bookings their deposit again.
  • Errors related to Current Due amount - This has been resolved.
  • Password reset for Karma - This has been resolved, and you should now be able to request a password reset without error.

If you would like see all the status changes that will occur, please see the carts below.

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