Hi Everyone,

Here are the new updates we have made to Karma.

Trip Planners:
Trip Planner Display has been moved out of the Trip Overview, and is now it’s own sub-panel shown under Sales Steps.

When creating a Trip you will no longer add Trip Planner right away. You will add the Trip Planner in the same way as you add a Contact.

Email Subscriptions:
We have added the email subscription options to the Contact record. Previously this could only be updated through the Profile. Parent subscriptions can also be updated in Karma if they wish.

Preview Emails:
The Preview Email function has been fixed.
This also affects the view Message Body on the Email activity records.

Sending Emails with Documents:
When trying to send an email with a Document attached the email would fail. This has now been fixed.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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