The Itinerary section of a Trip within Groupdesk Front-End Suite displays Inventory items  that are type other in the "Travel Exclusives" section.

These items may be a mandatory inventory on the trip (included with purchase) or a non-mandatory item (available for an additional purchase amount)

These items now support multiple images that can be viewed when clicking the details  button of the Inventory Item.

Once you open the Details modal window of the Inventory item, you'll see a gallery of images along with the Item details.

When creating the Catalog  item for the Inventory  you can add multiple images to the item by attaching Documents that are:

  • Type: Image 
  • Category: Catalog Image
  • Image Type: Large (Currently the only supported Image Type)

Make sure the Document status  is set to Active

Documents will display in the order they are attached to the Catalog.
(Custom ordering is not currently supported)

There is currently no limit to the number of Image Documents you can attach to a Catalog item to be displayed in the Groupdesk Front-End.

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